Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moving Blog

I am now at www.in-indie.org. Thanks to blogspot for the hitch. :D

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Camp Chicosci

Camp Chicosci is a fansite that I started out when I was still in high school. I just love the kids who come and visit the site making it hard for me to just push the stop button. I'd probably keep the site up even until Chicosci gets tired of rocking. Haha.

Chicosci are the happiest band I know out there who just love being out. This is evident by the number of vampires who still come out every night to get a taste of their blood from the dungeon-ist club to arenas when they open for international acts and even converting more vampires along the way.

My favorite among the albums released by this band is Icarus. The album is so rich with stuff they could pickup one day and work with it. My favorite song is...oh, just check out my Camp Chicosci Vampire profile.

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Graduation Day Overdue

This is to wrap-up the posts labeled "Graduation Day." I would have written something about the event if this post was written an hour or a day after October 13, 2007. But since it's a week overdue, like the always ex-lover's excuse, the feeling's gone. And this is all I could squeeze out of the blank after graduation day.

Team Ambitious, as we are known, with Math & CS chair Ms. Jovita Ravina

Panatang Makabayan for the gods and why are those shutters on me?

Team Ambitious Minus Two Plus One.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The birth of www.in-indie.org

Minutes ago, mother WWW gave birth to a new kid, www.in-indie.org, with a trivia that promises a subdomain and hosting to anyone who figures it out. Point your browser to www.in-indie.org to try your luck or mail.in-indie.org to claim your free email by simply reading this.

Anyway, update your favorite blog to nnd.in-indie.org because I figured it out. Haha

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Monday, October 08, 2007



  1. Bisaya Bloggers
  2. Hari Skwatir
  3. Komikero Comics Journal
  4. Makoy's Memoirs
  5. Nostalgia Manila
  6. Philippine Web Directory
  7. The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance
  8. Victoria's Way

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Deconstructing a write-protected USB Flash drive

Today, I tried to deconstruct a write-protected USB device to locate a switch that would re-enable the device. Here's the method.

Deconstructing a write-protected Kingston DataTravelerMini USB Device.

Weapon of choice: Clean Fucking Knife.

Using CFK, we start deconstructing by finding the weakest spot in its sturdy blue armor.

A successful deconstruction method should give us something like this. Not something like this.

That would make my Wiki-ed method of "write-enabling a USB" a great fucking failure.

With so much trial and errors I decided to give reformatting a try.

Using Access Check, I know I have access to do whatever I want with the USB device.

Yet, still.

If you have the same USB model and problem like mine, do not use this method. It's not the solution. I could only suggest you buy the "switched" ones next time. I will.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

How to enable a write-protected USB? Pt. 2

This could be it! The answer to "How to enable a write-protected USB?" when low-level formatting and shifting OS amounted to none and CD-r King was unprofessional enough to even acknowledge my inquiry.

I'm going back to the time when having a cassette tape was cool. Weekend agenda is to deconstruct the write-protected flash drive to see


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Muse Sing: We Salute You

Because I'm having problem uploading music to my beloved free file-sharing site, here's the weeks late installment of Muse Sing and it's all AC/DC. The tooth to tooth rock 'n' roll god of our fathers. Get ready with your thumping boots so we could get started with...

Song: Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
Artist: AC/DC
Album: Powerage

Song: Rock Your Heart Out
Artist: AC/DC
Album: The Razor's Edge

Song: For Those About To Rock
Artist: AC/DC
Album: Who Made Who

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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Chronicles of the 250Php Graduation Day toga #2

Second to the series of the Chronicles of Graduation Day is the toga rental. Half past 2:00, I went straight to the dungeon called The Archives at USC-Main. Not to acquire my shitty T.O.R. or any other school records but to avail of the 10% discount on toga rental. Tie-ups. Tie-ups. Anyway, I got my shoulders and height mapped to an inch so they, the rentals guys, may dig on to their own archives for something that would fit me. This is the first, in my history of Graduation Days, that I covered all the requirements on time.

On an really connected vein, as mentioned here, I'm posting the "for Graduation Day and Portal Photoshoot" outcome, I sort-of-censored some part of it though.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

10/04/07 FREE BURMA!

Haven't we learned from the scab of the past. End modern day genocide now! Today.
I support the International Bloggers' Day for Burma today(4th of October 2007)

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The Chronicles of the yet to be mashed up Graduation Day #1

I could only remember being up on stage high with fever to give the obligatory salutatorian speech during primary school.

Then, marching with a really wrinkled toga in secondary school and getting death threat from my C.A.T. officer for claiming the toga that same day and not ever participating in any of the graduation rehearsals.

Tertiary: I'm doing a Chronicle of Graduation Day as I will be getting my associate rolled-paper this 13th of October 2007.

Today, I'm officially and financially cleared from all liabilities and mishaps I might have caused the security guards in my last days in USC-TC. Concluded all examinations and projects and fetched a copy of my "for Graduation Day and Portal Photoshoot" that I will be posting on my next post.

Graduation Day by Head Automatica

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